Sunday, September 23, 2007

Malaysian Baby Sleeps

During the filming of the movie in a town called Pasir Gogok the girls & I were invited to hang out at one of the families homes. It was pretty neat to get to see life in another country that is not revealed by staying at hotels. There were also some awkward things... it is Ramadan and they don't eat until 7pm and Lula, Maya & I eat about five times a day... I asked about lunch and they ran out and bought me a loaf of white bread and a tub of margerine. It was pretty good. Their daughter Nasha joined in on the bread feast. I think she is about 5 years old. They had a tiny baby who fell asleep in a nice little hammock. Maya kept trying to wake him up. The other thing I was unsure of was breastfeeding but they said it was fine since the mom was still breastfeeding her baby too. I am still not sure of why some people where head scarves and some not and of those who do they don't at home but will answer the door without the scarf on... I'm sure that all of this will be revealed to me. Rob was the lead of the film and spent most of the time tied up in a dirty crumbling building. Lula had a speaking role in which she had to wander in sight of him and say hello and then return to me. She did a good job at playing pretend. My job was to look like a tourist. This of course came naturally though I'm not sure I'll actually be in the final cut. They have invited us back to join them at the feast honoring the end of Ramadan. I think that would be a lot of fun and hopefully we'll go.

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