Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Observations:

* Napkins aren’t given out with the food purchased. You have to bring your own.
* Since gum is not allowed there are lots of mints. Candies are available at security at the airport.
*They drive on the left side of the road.
* Crossing the street is not easy though quite clear where and how it is to be done. Closest to our house is a busy street with a cross walk to a traffic island with a fence. Once you cross you then have to walk twenty feet over and wait again for the next light. There is a big billboard in town with the outcome of one sorry jay-walker. In two days I have seen three jay-walkers.
* English is official language but it is quite difficult to understand what anyone is saying.
* Opportunities to shop are in such abundance that it’s a turn-off. Nevertheless I had lots of fun shopping today at Ikea for toys for the girls since I read that all their toys are lead-free.
* For the most part things are cheaper.
* To get a taxi from our apartment building we press a button on phone in our apartment that has only one button and then tell the security guard we want a taxi. Minutes later we receive a call saying what the number of that cab is and that it has arrived.


Sam Butler said...

Ikea frownie face. :(

There's finally an Ikea close to me, and I still haven't been able to go.

Another good resource for toys is, we've been looking at getting Juni fewer toys but higher quality ones since the recall scare.

Zoe's Travel's said...

I love the IKEA even though it is overwhelming for me and I get lost.

Fewer toys is an excellent idea. I also find that splitting up the ones we have and rotating them is a huge help because each time I bring them out they seem new again.