Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lula and Maya go to school

They are going to Moral Childcare. The staff seems very kind and attentive to them. I know because I spy on them when I get the chance. The school is across the street from our house. The yard is filled with life-sized zoo animals. The majority of the children and staff are Chinese but there is one Indian girl and two Indian staff including the principal, Miss Geetha.

The girls have Chinese class once a day. They go from 8 or 9am to 12:30 or 1pm when I pick them up. It gives me a chance to go grocery shopping, go to the chiropracter (my neck has been hurting for over a month) to pay bills or relax! Tomorrow Rob & I will try once again to get Appam and then I'm going to go to Rupini's beauty salon. I will get my eyebrows threaded like I was doing back in the States. I stopped by last week and the place looks very nice, it was recommended by Moushumi.


Anonymous said...

But I read somewhere that the ideal height for a sink is 35 inches!

Karunajojo said...

Everything looks so organized.
I like that they have uniforms-makes fashion decisions much easier.
Gee-child height sinks. I'm impressed.