Sunday, September 28, 2008

NYC: Grocery Shopping

The Associated has mini grocery carts. I tell the girls they can chose one fruit or vegetable. It gets them involved and makes the trip easier.

New York: Coney Island

Coney Island is still pretty neat even with the close of Astroland. My nikon broke but I had my phone camera. Here's a few photos with the Wonder Wheel in the background. My children never stay still no matter what I threaten!

New York: Walking around with Maya

Wednesday we have individual dates with the girls. Maya and I walked down Mott street. We stopped for Mochi. A very aggressive buddhist asked for my number and when I said I didn't know her well enough asked for her number back.

New York: Night Life

Now that we're in one place for a little while, we're getting routines in place and Rob & I are trying to get back into going on dates. We're making up for lost time with about two a week. Last night we went to Molyvos for dinner. I had the soup that supposedly Paul Newman always ordered. It was good. Then we went to the Russian Tea Room for dessert before a movie (Ghost Town - sweet). I had the chocolate Vodka Fondue for $18. It was the smallest fondue I've ever seen with 6 small pieces of items to dip and two shot glasses of chocolate. It was fun and I'm not complaining! The chocolate was monogrammed. There was a Faberge egg on display.

New York: Running Around Manhattan

We drove 4,000 miles this summer all around New England. Now we're in New York city and I'm taking a lot of photos with my phone. Yesterday after "Sports Bugs" class at the YMCA (Lula was good at basketball and I'm going to get one for home,) I took them to the New Museum less than a block away. Lula liked Werner Herzog's After Nature and also a movie of barbie's by Lauren Kelley, Big Gurl.