Saturday, November 8, 2008

NYC: Rainy Day Today

NYC: Nov. 6th

NYC: Every day last week

I love the Everest Diner. The first day I went with Lula and met the police officer. They gave Lula a free donut to go. The third day they didn't give me a menu and just asked if I wanted the usual. Fourth day they're communicating in hand gestures from across the room "m.o.r.e. c.o.f.f.e.e.?" The service is so good that breakfast can take only a half and hour if you want it. The food is just OK diner food. They have wireless internet and outlets just like the library a block away. But the library doesn't open until ten. I'm hoping to write at the library and save a little time with the commute.

NYC: Nov. 5th School trip to the Firehouse

NYC: Election Day!

This police officer was super friendly and nice and had us sit down and chat with him.


The Spanish say Vale vale vale a lot. The pronounciation threw me a bit. I didn't realize how used to the South American Spanish I was. Grathias, etc.

The Aquarium had a tube through the tank that was clear all around except most of underfoot. That was fun.

In San Sebastian sometimes the water hits the coast line very hard and moves the cars in the parking spots from legal to illegal spots and sometimes smash them up.

On the airplane back somebody shushed Maya for crying. I said "Um, she's two! She's not doing this to you on purpose."