Saturday, November 8, 2008


The Spanish say Vale vale vale a lot. The pronounciation threw me a bit. I didn't realize how used to the South American Spanish I was. Grathias, etc.

The Aquarium had a tube through the tank that was clear all around except most of underfoot. That was fun.

In San Sebastian sometimes the water hits the coast line very hard and moves the cars in the parking spots from legal to illegal spots and sometimes smash them up.

On the airplane back somebody shushed Maya for crying. I said "Um, she's two! She's not doing this to you on purpose."

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pop said...

The Sydney aquarium has that large diameter plastic tube so one can stroll around under the water also. Yes, it sure is great fun.

There are about 8 dialects in Spain. They sound quite different but are mostly written the same way. I think dialects in the south of Spain are similar to Maya and Lula's South American Spanish.