Saturday, September 15, 2007

Comment Settings Changed/Subways.

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I like the subways.

They're fairly easy to understand. I struggled a bit to use the machine the first time but there is a booth with helpful staff.

Lula is just short enough to get in for free. The fares are based on height for children. She can ride for free right now.

Many but not all of the platforms have air-con (that's what they say here instead of the whole word air-conditioner) Two sets of doors open when the train arrives. The ones at the platform and the ones on the train.


PBK said...

Those are called "platform doors". They have them on the Jubilee Line in London, and the AirTrain in NY.

Word is that the #7 line expansion in New York will have them too.

They add to passenger safety (can't fall on the track if you're drunk or ill), and with air-conditioned platform they're pretty much a must. Otherwise you end up air-conditioning the tunnel!

Daniel Zalkus said...

Is it as easy to get around as it is in NYC?

Zoe's Travel's said...

I don't know my way around here that well yet. I mostly take taxi's. To
me NY is much more clear and obvious but I grew up with that system. I
take taxi's everywhere. The one time I took a train it was very smooth
and easy but then most of the time the places I go aren't close to the
subway. Also, I can't figure out where to get a bus map.