Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Made Acquaintance

I was fortunate to meet an expat mom in an elevator the other day because her daughter and I have the same name. She invited me over for a play date when she learned I had only been her for two days. She said "you must be overwhelmed." She's been here six years. I asked her for a baby sitter recommendation and she offered her full-time nanny. She has two children of her own back in the Phillipines and needs to make money to send back to them. She's been living with her for a year.

So she came tonight and the children took to her very quickly. It made it easy for me to go to dinner with the faculty at the Fullerton Hotel where I feasted at the best buffet I've ever been to including lobster, oysters, sushi, tempura, steak, mashed eggplant, banana flambee and much more.

I wore this outfit including shoes not pictured here.

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