Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Living Arrangement Details

I have a local cell phone. My Los Angeles phone number and
possibly my NY phone number work on our house phone.

We are exactly 12 hours ahead of NY and 9 hours ahead of L.A.

All the rooms have their own air conditioner except the kitchen and the bathroom. The idea is to save money on air-conditioning only the rooms needed if at all.

To use hot water for the shower or kitchen sink we have to turn on a sort of light switch a half hour ahead of time. This morning I changed my mind about what shower to use and had to start over heating up the water for that shower. The stove has its own light switch too. We are living in the showcase apartment and therefore we have one of the few stoves in the building. It might get wasted on me...

I am going to try to learn to cook regional cuisine so that I can save money on food supplies. So far it may be cheaper for us to eat at the "hawker" stands that for me to cook my usual fare at home.

The IKEA has a kids area where you can leave your child for one hour while you shop - provided they are tall enough. Lula was but not Maya. Maya was very disappointed about this because the room is filled with balls and that is one of her favorite things. IKEA probably has this back home too but I never got to take advantage of it. After a half hour they called me to pick Lula up because she was done.

Above are some photos of the view from our apartment. I tried to order them to make them show that they are bottom middle and top but they didn't paste that way. Still learning...

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