Friday, February 22, 2008


What to ask for when ordering coffee in Singapore:

Coffee - Milk & Sugar
Coffee O - No milk - coffee black no sugar
Coffee Kosung - No milk, no sugar
Coffee C - Coffee with Sugar and Condensed milk

No option for Milk no sugar or condensed Milk no sugar.

I'm pretty sure that the same applies to tea.


Dad said...

What, no half caff low fat double latte mochachino, with a twist? Not even an espresso macchiato? How can that be?

Zoe's Travel's said...

Hi Dad,
For any of those coffee drinks you'd have to go to the local Singapore Starbucks! Not the hawker stalls.

love, Zoe

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell the difference between coffee O and Coffee Kosung.

Coffee O "no milk-black, no sugar"

Coffee Kosung "no milk, no sugar"

I INSIST on coffee milk, no sugar.What's the problem?