Saturday, February 16, 2008


Lula did not want to leave the hotel, the Nirwana Resort Hotel. She said she wanted to leave in three days. It was nice to hang out by the beach, by the pool, at the Kiddy Club, feeding fish, visiting the birds at the little rescued animal zoo...

Maya has started preparing for her birthday by singing "HADDY BIRDAY TO YOU HADDY BIRDAY DO MAYA HADDY BIRDAY DO YOU" Also, she can sing along to the whole alphabet. She spontaneously counted to eight the other day. She told someone she was two this morning. She also sings lots of other songs "NO MONKEY ON MY BED" and "BABY ALUGA", "TWINKLE LITTLE STAR", and quite a few others. Lula can sing a song in Chinese that may be for New years, "CONSHI CONSHI NIA".

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