Monday, February 18, 2008

SINGAPORE: Things I like

Things I like about Singapore:

1. The hawker stalls! They're the best. I like that its the perfect place to bring kids because no one worries about the mess and its pretty loud there so they are not disturbing anyone. I can also go and eat by myself and it's not weird. I can get an excellent meal for $2. There's lots of variety so you can go with a crowd and everyone can get what they want. No need to discuss which restaurant to go to.

2. Access to swimming. The pool is great.
3. I love a big rain storm when we're inside. I love getting to watch it from the window.
4. I like the balmy night breezes.
5. I love the proximity to lots of exotic locations and also how easy it is to come back to an extremely civilized country with clean drinking water.
6. I love the tropical greenery and the flowers that smell like Hawaii.
7. I like that there are lots of things to do with kids.
8. I like the public transportation.
9. I like the lizards that make chirping sounds and eat bugs.
10. Though sometimes at extra cost, most everything is available here - with the exception of good Brooklyn bagels.

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Anonymous said...

Now I really want to visit you there.