Saturday, February 9, 2008

Singapore: Maya has a Shiner

I was at a birthday party tonight and Maya was sitting in the chair next to me and the next thing I knew she was head first into the marble floor. Now she has a large bulging bump, a "goose egg" on her head which she appeared to recover from faster than I did. She didn't cry for very long but it looks crummy and makes me worried. Shannon said I should wake her in the middle of the night once to make sure that she doesn't have a concussion and also to check to make sure that her eyes aren't dilated.

Rob has gone to Canada to suss things out and to find out if there will in fact be a project. For the first time I am alone in a Foreign country with the girls though not the first time alone in a foreign country.

I'm wondering if I can squeeze in a two night visit to Bintan (resorty location accessible by ferry in Indonesia) this week or on the weekend...


Anonymous said...

That is quite a bump!
Did you apply ice or the flat part of a cold knife?
She looks bright-eyed though(red-eyed too), if a bit glazed over.

I hope you find some good ways to enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday zoe! miss you...