Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Someone remarked that I was handling the stress of not knowing where we will be living next week very well. I have been putting it out of my mind. But I realized that by doing so I have caused a really awful rash on par with a bad case of itchy poison ivy/leprosy. I couldn't figure out where I could have gotten it since I have been only in cities and not near any foliage. The doctor said it was an allergic reaction and gave me some cream. I considered posting photos for my parents but then remembered that not everyone would be as interested. So if you want to see my poison ivy type rash I can e-mail you the photos. I hoping that by making this realization I can stop stressing out and enjoy the sunshine, perhaps go for a swim and live in the present and hope that it goes away in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I want to see your poison ivy rash.

An Interested Party

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me.
I can't remember my password.