Thursday, April 3, 2008

WINNIPEG: Why are we here?

We came to Winnipeg because Rob was asked to direct a horror feature. Financing was not entirely in place - still isn't actually. However, we decided to gamble that the film would get made in which case we'd be able to stash away a little more cash in the bank than we would have if we had stayed in Singapore.

They were supposed to start shooting this past Monday. It got pushed one week because as Rob was told, the financing wouldn't come through until the following week. All the actors are here, all the crew is here, everything is ready to go and we just found out that in fact the financing isn't it place - they're still scrambling for money. We should know at 4pm. Of course I have some anxiety about this but I'm hoping that I don't spend all of today devoting my energies to being anxious and instead that I can be productive. Or even if I just spend half of today being anxious and the other half being productive that might be OK.

This is my new friend Ida with Maya & Lula.

We met in our daughters gymnastics class. She heard I was new and charitably offered her number so that we can get together. We've hung out a few times and I take her Yoga/Pilates class on Tuesday morning. She's having a birthday party on Saturday evening but if the production goes we won't attend due to Rob's workload. He'll have time for working and sleeping and that's about it.

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