Friday, April 4, 2008

WINNIPEG: We're staying for now

Another anxiety ridden day behind me... We appear to be staying for now. The money for the project is trickling in.

I've heard that most of the snow should be melted by now but we keep getting more snowstorms - they're beautiful. The Canada Geese have returned somewhat confused about the weather. I saw them in the yard and also flying in V formation.

One day I went inside a building for an hour and when I came out all the streets were filled with snow again. The streets had been dry and clear but it was completely dumped with snow in one hour.

The River has mostly melted. I'm so glad I didn't listen to my neighbor who said it would be frozen for a long time due to the many 40 below days they had this year.

The roads here are not maintained very well. It's very difficult to see any painted lines in the road or in parking garages. One day I parked my mini-van quite carefully and perfectly between the faded lines and came back to see someone had written "Learn to Park" into the dirt on the car. I don't blame them - those mini-vans are annoying and the lines are nearly impossible to see but it must have been a drag to have someone's dried car mud on their finger until they got to the next washroom. (They say washroom here instead of bathroom)

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