Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winnipeg: Spring is here! oh no it isn't

I've been so busy that I didn't get to write my Spring has Sprung post, this morning I woke up and everything is covered with snow again. Winnipeg roads were very icy. They don't seem to plough much around here. Each times it snows a few road lanes go away and people stay to the middle of the road. On the drive up to Selkirk I was checking out the ditches to see if I could handle going off the road. It looked like I'd have plenty of field space to slow to an easy stop. However there is one scary bridge with a sign that indicates the bridge is slippery in below freezing weather. Even though I drove slowly over the bridge it was still a little nerve-wracking. When I went to drive home my car was stuck and it took several peddle to floor attempts before I got unstuck and on my way.


Dad said...

Remember the driving lesson I gave you while it was snowing?

Zoe's Travel's said...

Yes, I remember the driving lesson very well. It is coming in handy now.