Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winnipeg: Schedule Change

My days are completely different now that production has started. I bring the girls to "school." Lula runs off immediately and ignores my attempts to say goodbye and Maya clutches me tightly but then goes easily to the staff.

I then go to the set - if its early in the week. As the week goes on their days start later and later because of the 12 hour "turn-around" required between shifts. I think that may be for the actors or perhaps everyone.

I leave each day at about 4-4:30 to go get the girls. The set is 45 minutes away with no traffic.

Today the filming start was delayed two hours so I only got an opportunity to shoot one rehearsal. It was challenging because it was hand-held and we all had to back up out of the actresses path but all the while leaving room for the director of photography (cinemaphotographer I think) and the boom operator to move around as well. It was in a room filled with 'girlie' pics that were shot at the production office earlier on. That was a day that Rob decided to go home early since he hadn't been paid.

My gourmet cooking days are over for now. I stocked up on frozen foods for the girls and I have been eating mostly cereal plus a sandwhich on set.

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