Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Maya messes with all the electrical equipment. She turned on the coffee pot on which Lula burned her finger. She changed all the alarm clocks - the time is wrong and sometimes I am woken in the middle of the night by the loud alarm. She runs around with the remotes, the telephones and anything else not placed out of reach.

She is also now demanding at night that "Skatch my back." She is sleeping in a bed since she just started climbing out of the crib.


Anonymous said...


Get her a bunch of old electronic equipment of her own. She seems interested in that kind of stuff.

Dad said...

I will send her a bunch of old electronic equipment for her birthday.

Zoe's Travel's said...

Good idea.

Marie said...

I'm about ready to give her my computer, too. Symantec has been "working on it" all day.

Zoe's Travel's said...

oh no - what a drag to be having computer problems - on the other hand Maya will be very excited!

Dan Z said...

Isn't that what kids are for?

Keeping their parents on their toes.