Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winnipeg - Initial Thoughts

I got a bloody noise upon arrival at the airport from the dryness.

Notes: Winnipeggers love Winnipeg
Some things the same and some things different from Singapore.

-Right away I saw that they are editorials here about rude people in Winnipeg. Though my personal experience so far has been contrary to that. Someone always holds a door for me while I cruise around the underground passageways with the stroller.

-Instead of being hot outside and too cold and improperly dressed inside, we are cold outside and then sweat inside from either wearing or carrying a mountain of coats.

- So far I can’t find strong coffee besides Starbucks (same problem in Singapore) I prefer to get coffee someplace other than Starbucks since they sued Too Much Coffee Man

I found a really nice children’s library and Lula & Maya adopted older little girls and forced books upon them. It was cute. For the rest of the time at the library they walked around with these little girls while I followed them.

We seem to have missed the cold front and so it’s bearable like NY winter. (edit – not alays)

We are living in a hotel with three rooms. It is fun is ways such as room service or having a lobby with people walking around or having the place cleaned every day and offered water and ice every night. On the other hand, paying 70 dollars for two adult breakfasts two child breakfasts isn’t fun. Also, we don’t have a kitchen. I went grocery shopping for things that don’t need cooking. Cereal not included since we don’t have bowls yet.

We were shown a beautiful light filled modern home in the suburbs. I really like it but I was hoping for some options and there appear to be none. Also, there is nothing walkable about the neighborhood it’s in. I had a misunderstanding with someone when I said the place wasn’t walkable they looked quizzical and I said, Y’know to shops and restaurants… OH, I see. I realized my term “walkable” is loaded with assumptions. Of course the neighborhood is walkable, you can walk in the backyard, along the highway, at the mall once you drive there…

Yesterday I decided to do additional scouting so I loaded the girls into our mini-van and drove past the house. Within ten minutes we were outside of Winnipeg in official country-side. There was nothing by plains and closed nurseries and a pick your own vegetable farm - something to look forward to if we stay here longer than expected.

Winnipeg is something like Albany and Cleveland.

There are lots of beautiful murals, old store fronts, painted building and old building ads.


Marie said...

I'm glad you're back. I've missed the blog.

scott2139 said...

Does this mean you are back this way for good or will you be going back to Singapore at some point? Like Marie said, good to see you posting again. Hope the 4 of you ae doing well.


Zoe's Travel's said...

So there ARE people reading this!

Dad said...

I like the pictures.

Zoe's Travel's said...

So I guess that's sarcasm??

The camera is just too hard to operate in my mittens. : )

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are living an Eloise life in the hotel.
Do Lula and Maya get to run around the hallways and lobby making friends and stirring things up?

How about a new children's book of the experience in the hotel there?

I always fantasized about letting you loose in the world and following you with a camera and documenting the experience.

Zoe's Travel's said...

We have two more days to run around the hotel! I should see where they wander - hopefully in just one direction.

Our only friend is Vilma the Philipino housekeeper.