Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winnipeg: Maya speaks Tagalog

She told me Mommy Maganda yesterday. It means I'm pretty in Tagalog. I was impressed and of course pleased.


Dad said...

In Tagalog I agree but be careful, in Turkish, Maganda means yokel.
Teach her lolo, grandfather in Tagalog.

Marie said...

With all this multiculturalism going on, I feel compelled to add that lolo is babytalk for milk in French.

Anonymous said...

Maria Z says: Hi, Zoe, great to know that you guys are doing well, or relatively well. At least now you will look forward to the winter in NYC. We miss you! We're taking Sabrina to the Children's Museum of Art downtown regularly and remembered that Lula had a lot of art pieces of her own. We started collecting our own.
Hey! get your hands out of the mittens and take some pictures, at least one at a time, then you can run back to shelter indoors, or at least, indoor pictures of you guys and the hotel!
Oh, regarding the multilinguistic topic, Sabrina just made up her own language and talks, talks, talks, she thinks she speaks English...