Monday, March 31, 2008

Winnipeg: Main Street

Wandering around Main Street near Logan I made lots of neat discoveries. I found an organization called MAWA, established women artists mentor aspiring artists for one year and also a women run restaurant called The Tallest Poppy.

Generally these blocks are very down and out, there's a mission and a handful of drug addicts wandering around despite the cold. A fellow motioned me into his closed diner to show me an article on the millions that would be invested into Main Street in the next few years and he told me that I was photographing all the places that would be torn down.

I also found a book called The North End by John Paskievich of photographs of the North End (the neighborhood I was in) over the past 40 years. It's a great book of photographs and once I buy it, it will be a nice souvenir or Winnipeg.


Marie said...

The house is terrific; the city reminds me of Newark when I was little.

As for the snow, I'm glad it's not here.

María José said...

Those pictures remind me of some parts of the Simi Valley in L.A. when I was growing up.

I LOVE the house. You guys are living the sweet (however, cold) life... I'll email you to get the whole story (it's not posted).


Zoe's Travel's said...

We traded the tropics and exotic locale for a dingy dirty city and a superb house!