Thursday, March 6, 2008


Just a quick note to let you all know that we still don't have an address and are still living in a hotel. It's rather deluxe because we get three rooms - one for Rob & I - a living room and the girls room on the other side. It makes it much easier. When I sleep in the same room with Maya she wakes up all night long - the first few nights she woke up every hour or two.

We might move into a house next week.

Lula, Maya and I started daycare today. I went with them so they wouldn't feel abandoned. Everyone brings their lunch including me. One boy was covered with chocolate pudding by the end of lunch.

My camera batteries have run out, its too cold outside, the girls are keeping me busy, I can't take good pictures with mittens - and other excuses for why these posts have no photos. However, I am confident next week all this will have changed. I am crossing my mitten swathed fingers.

I still don't get celsius but shudder at negative anything. Earlier this week I decided not to venture outside and for all I know it may actually have been "warm" outside. The use the word "warm" here with reckless abandon. Totally inappropriate if you ask me.

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