Monday, November 12, 2007


We arrived yesterday, it was raining and some streets flooded. It's an adorable town. I was very excited to go to the tailors and have my vogue tear sheets duplicated. However by morning, Rob's colleague who was in town as well, texted me asking if we were flooded in. I looked out the window and the courtyard of the hotel was all water and boats were going by in the street.

We packed up and the hotel helped us to get out. Our luggage was loaded into a boat and we followed, wading through thigh high waters with children in life jackets that I'd brought for our boat trip scheduled later. It was pretty exhilarating and scary for a little while. We didn't know if we'd get out or be stuck for days living off the nuts and crackers I'd brought. We were helped along to higher ground - first to a tailors where we waited a bit then to a shoe store where we were able to get a taxi to take us to Danang where we are now. We're at a fancy hotel (Furama Hotel) waiting to get on a flight to Hanoi - got an earlier flight. Hopefully we can go back to Hoi An later...


Marie said...

Quite a first day!

Dad said...

Wow, Lula almost had the chance to put the swimming lessons that Jo took her to to a real test. And a tailor and a shoe store on the escape route! Who planned that one?

Karunajojo said...

The idea of going to a tailor and a shoe store directly from a flood is (funny?). When in an emergency, shop. I think that's what Bush said after 9/11.
Didn't expect any blog entries while you were in Vietnam. Your commitment is admirable.
No photos of the flood, the boat, the tailor the shoe store?
Anxiously awaiting the next episode.
Will you get back to the tailor who is making your clothing?