Monday, November 19, 2007

Dangers of the Road

It was very challenging to get around with the children because crossing the street was really hard. The sidewalks are filled with parked mopeds and motor cycles so it wasn't worth it to use the stroller. The way the locals cross the street is to walk really slowly while vehicles whiz around them. It was too scary for me to do so I'd wait ages for a break in the traffic. Shocking to me the crossing signal did not mean vehicles would stop. During the time I was there I didn't figure out what the traffic lights were for.

Two nights ago we drove around a motorcycle accident with a person lying in the middle of the highway (dead or alive, I don't know). Rob suggested to the driver we call the police but he didn't not speak English. Everyone just drove around him and I suppose eventually the police came.

On average 38 children/young adults die a day in Vietnam due to head injuries resulting from auto bike accidents. We drove by 4 accidents during our 8 day trip.

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