Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day Two in Bangalore

The next day we rented a taxi and Roy happily joined us once we'd asked. Rob had the driver take us to a store called Fabindia. I've seen this label before - one of you purchased something for Lula from here. The fabrics were so beautiful and it was expensive by India's standards but everything was made of the finest fibers; silk, cotton or silk & cotton. I bought one item for each of us and a few Christmas presents.

In the afternoon we went to Fun World for Lula.

We also asked to go to some slums and we drove by an area of men dressed in sari's. Roy insisted on taking my photos for me as I would have stuck out too much and unable to sneak photos. Also, it wasn't easy to explain that part of the fun for me is being the one to take the photo not just to have it.

On more than one occasion I saw children Lula & Maya's age wandering around by themselves and squatting in the street to go to the bathroom.


The guidebook says not to wear sleaveless shirts in public. Geetha's family said no problem, that's of the past. Chandrika gave me a sleaveless punjabi suit. I did not see anyone in the streets without sleaves - just in magazines. I imagine its a little like having a bare midriff in the states but I'm not completely sure.

Modesty outside of the home is much higher and modesty inside the home is lower. While taking a shower with Maya in the shower room (a large room with shower head and buckets, Geetha knocked and came in to get some of her things. I took it as a sign of intimacy and acceptance into their family.

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