Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fans of the Children

Lula & Maya got a lot of attention everywhere we went in India. It occurred to me too late that I ought to charge 100 rupees for every time someone touched Maya's cheek. It would have helped us to pay for the trip. On the other hand, the children also warmed people's hearts quicker and softened our image in the eyes of others and I suspect that helped me get photos that I wouldn't always get. It helped to make up for the challenge of taking a photo while carrying a child.

Maya learned to ask waiters for things like Juice and Ice cream but she's still wary off people who don't have treats to offer.

Both photos show fans of the children. The guy on the right is trying to take Maya's photo with his camera phone.

1 comment:

Dad said...

Great shot, everything clear and sharp except Maya who is a blur of movement every which way from her outstetched finger tips to her two pink Crocs and the hands of the guy trying to hold onto her.

Go Maya!