Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day Three India - The Wedding!

The wedding day was a full day affair (they're often 5 days long or more in the North) including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hall had three levels, lower leverl with a dining hall with long thin tables and a kitchen in which they made everything from scratch. I know because I wandered around the kitchen. The food was amazing, served on banana leaves for lunch and tin plates for breakfast and dinner. At breakfast and lunch men walked by with buckets of food doling each person out their portion and dinner was a buffet. The ground floor was where most of the ceremonies were held and the second floor had a row of stark private rooms with a walkway overlooking the ground floor. We were given our own room for resting which was great because I got tired out again unfortunately the girls did not nap on this day. Like I mentioned before, the family treated us very well. There were several hundred guests and only a few private rooms.

All the women wore the most beautiful saris. I got to wear one too! They're so stunning - anyone who wears one looks like royalty.

The wedding ceremony was very beautiful and filled with rituals. The bride and groom were dressed like ancient king and queens and had two major outfit changes with a lot of adornment. For the first outfit the groom wore a turban. We were invited to join the family photos as well.

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Anonymous said...

OMG- these are beautiful! you look stunning in the sari. the girls are growing so fast!!! miss you...