Thursday, October 18, 2007

To India

Went to the India High Commission today at 10am as was suggested by JP Singh. He was not there. They wanted me to wait for four hours but I began to tear at the thought of not picking up the girls when they expect me. So they said fine, go and come back later at 4pm. At 4pm they ushered me into JP Singh's office who only scowled at me, not remembering me at all and told me to wait outside with the masses. They could not find my paperwork, it had been returned because something was missing...nevertheless they issued me a visa anyway! So we go tomorrow to India. I'm worried about getting sick and managing the travel with the kids but we go and hope for the best.


Dan Z said...

How's India treating you?

Zoe's Travel's said...

Hi Dan!

India was pretty crazy! We're glad to be back and also glad for the experience.

talk to you once I get over this jet lag...