Friday, October 5, 2007

I heard that in order to get what you want you simply have to state it. I don't really believe it entirely but figured it can't hurt. I have done it twice with the idea of putting the request to the universe. Once to have our old nanny call us since her number was disconnected - she called that day, and today I said in my head "I want to go to an Indian wedding in India" and three hours passed and the invitation came! I'm pretty excited. I hope we actually get to go. Miss Geetha, the principal of our school, invited us to our niece's wedding because we said we wanted to go to India. She's going to India on the 18th, the wedding is on the 21st. She also invited us to stay at her brothers house. I hope its also OK with him.

My next request is for Maya's lead levels to go down to less than 3 rather than rising. I don't want anymore trouble with that.



Dad said...

In at least one Indian wedding I know about, they used banana leaves as dishes. Afterward, instead of having to wash dishes, they fed them to the cows.

I'm with you on wishing that for dear Maya.

Zoe's Travel's said...

feeding the plates to the cows sounds like a wonderful idea!