Saturday, October 13, 2007

My magic carpet is running on empty. Or so it began to feel when I was faced with many obstacles on trying to get a visa to India. Things I didn't know are that 1. with an American passport it takes 5 days to get a visa. No exceptions. Finally someone said perhaps I could call the Indian Consulate (Indian High Commission) which I did but couldn't get through to a person. I did e-mail them however so hopefully that will help. And 2.I am technically a tourist here since my dependent pass isn't yet fully processed - approved just not finalized.A tourist has to get a visa to India from the U.S. not in Singapore. I tried to get help at Mustafa travel, the place most people recommended to me. However they clearly don't need my business. UK at Jet Choice was really committed to trying to help get me a visa. He is going to take my visa in personally and also call the consulate on our behalf and try to get it in less than the required 5 days for a tourist rather than resident.

Furthermore, I have been sick for too many days now. Each night I get woken either by a child or my own coughing and therefore haven't gotten the rest I need.

We met with Jane Wu, friend of Rob's aunt's and uncles. She was quite lovely. We had lunch. Lula held her hand as we walked through the mall.

Tomorrow we will make a pilgrimage to Malaysia for the day with thousands of others celebrating Hari Raya. We've been invited to the Princess' Palace to dinner with 5,000 people. The drive on the causeway will likely go slowly but we plan to load up on snacks, water, and children's dvds for the ride. It seems like an opportunity that we shouldn't pass up.

Tonight was the closing celebration held at Bar Cocoon at Indochine Restaurant featuring a room chilled to winter temps serving vodka shots. There were coats at the door to put on. Singaporeans love the novelty of a cold place I suppose. There is also "Snow City" here with fake snow.

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