Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Petersburg, VA

I really love this part of Petersburg, VA with all the historic buildings and industrial brick buildings in transition to cool loft spaces and movie sets.  We had delicious BBQ at Saucy's BBQ. Then we walked around after dark and saw a lot of cool antique shots and historical remnants. In the morning we ate breakfast at Demolition Cafe. We stayed at the Days Inn about 15 minutes away in a different and uninteresting part of Petersburg near what looked like it used to be cool "Pumpkin Restaurant." Our friend Bryant said in fact it WAS cool. The hotel was completely adequate and we were glad to have our guard dog along for added insurance. Upon unpacking our old Volvo 240 of our dearest clothes and possessions, a weathered Dad and 19 month old son, regaled us with stories of his chain saw business, how we must be rich since Rob is a professor, how his baby mama was in prison as he was awhile back... and how he wasn't so sure about Atlanta and lastly did we know black people lived there. After his winning elevator pitch, I can't figure out what it is about black people that might be less appealing than what he has to offer. Nevertheless, in his own stumbling way, he was kind - offered to fix OUR chain saw and gave us the priceless tip to take out the waffles at 2 minutes rather than 3.

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