Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Asheville, North Carolina

I picked this place as a way point between Petersburg, VA and Atlanta. It appeared to have more hotels. I didn't expect this fascinating gem of a town. I was a little tired out when we arrived so everything had an added touch of the surreal. Immediately we saw and heard what appeared to be a bar with bicycle pedals under each stool - lo and behold, the pubcycle! Then a bit later a comedy bus and also a cafe in a double decker bus.  Also, a bike shop called Beer City Bikes. I really like this hotel but it's also strange in a good way. They really cater to dogs at the Aloft Hotel. They brought up a dog bed, a bowl, a fancy hot pink poop bag, a squeeky ball and a dog treat. Everything beautifully wrapped and presented. There is an enclosed section of astro turf with fake hydrants and a hose to keep things clean. It's the special dog run area. It took Stella quite a lot of confused sniffing before she felt comfortable peeing on the astro turf. Then she was alarmed by the mandatory hosing of her pee.

We had the most delicious dinner at Salsa, a Mexican Caribbean restaurant. I thought they had rocks in the food but alas it was just my tooth shattering.

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