Monday, May 4, 2009

NYC: TriBeCa Film Festival

After watching everyone else in SoHo go to TriBeCa film festival parties, I got the bug and told Rob that I wanted to go to one too.
He told me to call Isen who invited us to go with him that night. There was also a Belvedere Vodka party on the ground floor of our building that I got invited to since we live here - but we ran out of time to go to that one. The TriBeca party started at 10pm and was in SoHo. We went promptly at ten but were told they weren't ready yet (my sleepy clock was ticking). I introduced myself to the door men Jeff and Christian and when we returned there was a crowd but they waved us to the front. By chance we ran into two friends of Rob's and I got to pull them in with us. I felt so IN. The party had LIVE artists painting and haircuts (extremely slow ones). The music was fun and the drinks - as long as they were alcoholic, were free. I had a blast. We asked a guy doing an event photog gig into taking a photo of us. Afterall, its not often that I get dressed up to go out these days.

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