Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NYC: Great Mothers Day

On Mothers Day I got to sleep in. Then Rob made breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast AND cleaned up the dishes.

By noon I was getting cabin fever so I suggested to we go to Central Park. First we stopped at the plaza hotel to visit the painting of Eloise like I always did when I was a kid. Then just because I've never done this, I suggested we go on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park. $34 for 20 minutes. Then we followed Maya as she lead us on a loop through the park. We stopped at a playground, climbed a big rock, listened to some live music, walked past Strawberry field... We were going to go boating but I decided that since we were running out of time we might be better off going to eat at one of my recent favorite restaurants - Fatty Crab's - Malaysian food. It reminds me a little bit of Singaporean cuisine.

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