Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The project here continues to be on hold. In fact today we were told that it was being shut down now and would potentially be re-started in two months. Then at lunch a producer got an e-mail from someone in Cannes that we'd know for sure in the next four hours meaning we'd hear something at 6pm our time and I think 12PM his time. I'm not sure what deals are being finalized at midnight on the South of France but it sounds like that "guy" (this shows you how little of how I know about who's involved) has a pretty fun job. Anyway, shock of no shock, 6pm came and the word was still no news. Furthermore, our payment for the job is in escrow and its unclear if/when those funds will be released to us. Well I am not worried because everything we need we already have and then some.

Lula said "I'd like to stop taking trips to places." "Like day trips to Narcisse or to Canada and SIngapore?" I asked. "I'd like to stop taking trips to places like Vancouver and Mexico."

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