Sunday, March 22, 2009

NYC: The Girls


Pop said...

Zoe's Travel's, I'll say, that el is way down in Brooklyn, not all that far from Coney Island. Even the girls look a little puzzled. What's the attraction?

Zoe's Travel's said...

For most but not all of those photos, we were on our where to Aunt Terry's house for lunch to celebrate Albie's birthday in Bay Ridge, so you are CORRECT! What was the tip off?

Dad said...

At first glance, the els in Queens that you would likely be on, the one on 31st street and the other on Roosevelt Ave (out Rosie the Queen of Corona way) both have supporting columns in the street (makes driving harder but jaywalking safer). The el in your photo has supporting columns on the sidewalk. So far, Brooklyn likely. The clincher which puts you on New Utrect Ave near 77th street is obvious, You should have no trouble figuring that out. Look closely at the top picture, the one with Maya under the el.