Sunday, January 11, 2009

NYC: Food and my Jewish Italian Heritage

Three of my favorite places...

Joe's Dairy on Sullivan street, makes the best homemade mozzerella in New York City. They smoke the smoked mozzerella themselves. A fellow pulled me by the sleave to show me a guy stirring a big hot pot in the back. Then they told me that all the evenly smoked mozzerella's we see are not smoked at all but coated in a smoky chemical.

Across the street Pino's Meats sold me sweet salami and spicy salami and gave me tastes of both of course. I asked for some bones for my dog and they gave me bones with the marrow inside which they say is good for the dog. The guy said that pet stores take out the good stuff and replace it with things that are not as good.

Russ & Daughters sells many of my favorite foods - chocolate, halvah, bagels, cream cheese (your choice of cream cheese mixed with caviar, lox, scallions, veggies, etc.), white fish, caviar... lots of delicacies.

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