Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vieques, Puerto Rico

After narrowly escaping New York before the cancellation of approximately 500 flights we took a three and a half flight on American Airlines to San Juan. They charge $15 for the first bag. We took a taxi to Fajardo. We missed the 1pm ferry and got on the 4:30 ferry. There was a lot of pushing even though there turned out to be plenty of seats. Our car seat stroller broke on the dock from loading it up too much and pushing it too hard.

Vieques is a rural island with a mix if affluent and poor. There are beautiful empty beaches. I will post photos later. Horses run wild. Theft of items left in the car are usually stolen. We were advised to leave nothing anywhere in the car and to leave the windows open. While we were at abeach yesterday some people left their car for only a few minutes to ask our friend a question and all there bags money and cameras were stolen. They were probably followed in on horseback and then took off through a trail.

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