Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Singapore: More unrelated updates

Biggest and best news first: Maya's lead levels have gone down to < 2ug/dl for the first time since she have been continuously testing her since last of March. It was rising from 5 to 6 then 7.7 and now it is very low so I am so happy about that. Two things have changed: She cold-turkey stopped putting her fingers in her mouth. She was doing this all day long between wiping her hands on the ground, the playground and everything in between. The other thing is that I have been feeding her garlic and selenium every day and that is supposed to de-toxify the body.

Maya decked Lula with a toy box so Lula has yet another eye cut - this time surrounding her right eye instead of the left eye.

Lula is switching schools. The Chinese children at the local school never seemed to welcome her into their clique so she's going to another school where she already has at least one friend. She starts tomorrow and she's very excited.

We went to the dive-est bar I have ever been to in my life called the Mitre Bar at Killeney Hotel near Orchard Road. The walls were full of grafitti. The room filled with broken and over-turned furniture. I suspect they never threw anything away and might be aspiring to Collyer brother status.

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