Friday, June 13, 2008

EDMONTON: Prostitution

Edmonton has lots of prostitutes and lots of signs they chose to ignore.

Today I dropped off a bag of clothes on a corner, not for altruistic reasons but I was hoping to get a quick iphone pic of the prostitute there.


Her: Hey, get away from here, can't you see the sign? No prostitutes allowed!
Me: Huh? (I look up at sign)
Her: Get away from here! I need to make some money!
Me: OK! OK! I'm just dropping off some clothing.

I scurried away and left the clothing on the corner.


Dad said...

You might have offered some of your clothes to her, it can't be that warm up there yet.

Zoe said...

I was hoping she'd take the jacket. She didn't really give me a chance to try it on for size.

By the way, the gal in the photos is not the one I had the conversation with. She was fully clothed.